Dance Yourself Free

Aya with Danielle Eastman

Owner of Ananda, Founder of Aya

About Aya

A joyful, high-energy, mindful dance practice, Aya is where meditation, ecstatic dance, and primal movement collide. Weaving simple patterns with free-form bliss, every class is a sacred somatic exploration into self-discovery and authentic self-expression. It’s about awareness, choice, presence, connection, and creativity. It’s about coming home to your body for truth. For bliss. It’s about dancing yourself free.

About Danielle

Founder of Aya®, and owner of Ananda, Danielle Eastman holds a Master’s in Exercise Physiology and has over twenty years of experience teaching conscious dance, fitness, yoga, martial arts, and energy work. After a decade of seeking, exploring, and teaching along the West Coast, Danielle returned to her home state of Iowa to be near family and share Aya with the Cedar Valley. She’s ready to move you.


Mondays 6:00 PM


6-7 PM | 8/7-8/28 | 4-weeks for $32 or drop-in anytime for $10.
Wednesdays 12:00 PM


12-1 PM | 8/9-8/30 | 4-weeks for $32 or drop-in anytime for $10.
Saturdays 10:00 AM


10-11 AM | 8/12-9/2 | 4-weeks for $32 or drop-in anytime for $10.


Mondays 5:45 PM


5:45-6:45 pm | 9/11-10/23 | 7-weeks for $56 or drop-in anytime for $10.
Wednesdays 12:00 PM


12-1 pm | 9/13-10/25 | 7-weeks for $56 or drop-in anytime for $10.
Saturdays 10:00 AM


10-11 am | 9/16-10/28 | 7-weeks for $56 or drop-in anytime for $10.

Class Fees

Simply drop-in and dance with us whenever you wish for only $10/class, or register for the entire 7-week session and save (only $8/class).


Danielle would love to hear from you! Send her a note so that she can connect with you.



Registration is available in person or online. Payments are always welcome via cash, check, credit, or debit. If cost is prohibitive, please contact Danielle.

AYA at Ananda

A quick glimpse of some filming we did for the Aya Online Studio this summer at Ananda!

What is AYA?

Danielle talks about what the Aya practice is all about: joy, bliss, and freedom.

Want a Peek?

A montage from an AYA meditation Danielle filmed for the Aya Online Studio!

I dance not to look pretty or perfect a series of steps, but to surrender myself to the spirit of movement.